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Solar Universe – California Solar Network Models Grassroots Sustainability

Solar Universe is a California-based network of solar installers that understands the importance of locally-based growth in the sustainability movement.

Kevin Daugherty, EVP of Operations for the Solar Universe Network, explains “our mission is to help empower grassroots-level solar installers.” They do this by providing resources to local installers who would otherwise have difficulty competing with “the big guys,” while allowing each individually owned and operated franchise to make independent decisions that make the most sense for the community they serve.

Solar Universe began in Northern California, and has since expanded throughout the state and into other states including Arizona, Nevada, New Jersey, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania.

Why they're Green?

While all solar companies and solar installers are inherently “green,” some show stronger dedication to the environment than others.

Solar Universe is one of those companies who, unlike larger corporations, boasts a strong commitment to the environment and sustainable practices. They understand that the bottom line is more than just profits – that it also includes commitment to community and social responsibility.

Why they're Keen?

Environmental change starts from the bottom and works it's way up. Individual changes influence the local community; the change trickles up to the national and global level. Environmental practices from community to community differ because each community has different needs and priorities. Solar Universe recognizes the need to support smaller, local installers who are able to meet the needs of their individual community.

Individual Solar Universe franchisees support their local communities in ways such as sponsoring youth sports teams, being present at Farmer's Markets, and participating in other civic events. In this way they have been able to influence their community's to increase daily “green” practices and increase understanding about renewable energy benefits.

Check out their informative video on How Solar Works and their website to find a local installer in your area.

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