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Is Vinyl Recyclable?

can you recycle vinyl     is vinyl recyclable

Yes! Plastic vinyl IS recyclable.

Although more difficult to recycle than some other plastics, vinyl (also known as polyvinyl chloride, PVC, and plastic #3) can be melted down and repurposed. It is not always accepted by municipal recycling programs, so you may want to check before throwing it in your curbside bin. Learn if your local utility accepts vinyl or find a recycling center nearby that processes it at

Vinyl is used for a variety of purposes.  It is used to make some food wrap, bottles for cooking oil, plumbing pipes, plastic packaging for bedding, blister pack, window frames, and more. PVC is a tough plastic but it is not considered safe to cook food near it. Avoiding using #3 plastic around food whenever possible (and especially not in the microwave).

Recycling vinyl reduces toxins in the  air and use of chemicals needed to make brand new PVC. Read about all of the benefits here.