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Are Magnets Recyclable?

Are magnets recyclable

No, magnets are not recyclable. It's easy to collect hundreds of magnets on your fridge from doctors and other businesses, souvenirs from friends, and wedding save the dates. Unfortunately, the only way to dispose of old magnets is to throw them in the trash. The good news is that there are many ways to reuse or "upcycle" magnets.

  1. Attach it to the side of your desk and use it for storing paper clips.
  2. Keep one in your sewing kit to store and pick up needles and pins.
  3. Glue a magnet to a pen to keep on the frige for shopping lists and quick access.
  4. Make custome magnets by glueing laminated photos to the front and giving them away as gifts.
  5. Make your own alphabet magnets - kids and teens love these.  Simply cover those flexible, flat magnets (those free ones businesses give you) with solid paper, and then glue letters cut out of magazines on them.


...And if you really have no use for your old magnets, donate them to a thrift store. Someone else may have a need for them!