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Smartipants Cloth Diapers

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Smartipants Cloth Diapers
Review Summary
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Cute cloth diapers, need an extra insert
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Cloth diapers that you can reuse indefinitely
Cheaper option than most one-size cloth diapers
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Updated review!

As my son has gotten older, I've found that with an extra insert SmartiPants diapers work extremely well.    I initially had a lot of problems with these diapers leaking (see first review below) when my son was small.  Now that he's 2, after I put in an extra insert they work a lot better than BumGenius.  Especially now that my son can rip open the velcro cloth diapers!

I don't know why these leaked so much when my son was small.  But these are excellent toddler diapers and I'm bumping up my review to 4 stars.    


Original review --

I really wanted to like SmartiPants.  They're super cute and I love that you don't need to remove the insert before tossing into the washing machine.  However, whenever Isaac wears them, there's a 50-50 chance that he'll end up soaked in pee.  Because of the snaps, I find that they simply don't get a snug enough fit to prevent leakage.    They're absorbent, but they leak from the sides, sometimes after Isaac pees only once.

Most of my cloth diapers are BumGenius, and I was hoping these would be a cheaper alternative, as I had read good reviews of them.  (Although more recently I've read reviews of other people saying they find that the snaps are too far apart and that the diapers leak)  Maybe it depends on the physique of your baby.  Isaac is a bit slender.

We still use the Smartipants, but generally as backups.


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