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Simple Green Naturals Multi-Surface Care: Lemon Verbana Scent

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Simple Green Naturals Multi-Surface Care: Lemon Verbana Scent
Simple Green
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Perfect for wiping up simple spills in the kitchen or wiping down the bathroom sink
Greenness Rating: 
Eco-friendly packaging and ingredients (with full ingredient disclosure)
Good price
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I previously reviewed the Simple Green Naturals Carpet Care.   Next, I tried the Simple Green Multi-Surface Care.  It has the same eco-friendliness as the carpet cleaner, such as being water based and not containing chlorine.

One thing I also like about the Simple Green Naturals line is that they have a full ingredient list on the label.  This can make or break a "green" product to me, because when a product labeled as green or natural, if it doesn't have a full ingredient disclosure, it makes me think that the company has something to hide.  Simple Green Naturals is open and honest.

The Simple Green Multi-Surface Care is perfectly effective for wiping down your kitchen or bathroom sink.  It doesn't take much elbow grease and does a good job.  Unfortunately, I'm not a huge fan of the Lemon Verbana scent.  In spite of it being natural, I found it to have too much of a "cleanser" smell, as opposed to something natural.   I'll be rating one of their Rosemary Mint scented products later on, but I absolutely adored the Rosemary Mint, so I think in the future I'll stick with that scent!  

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