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Seventh Generation Disinfecting Multi-Surface Wipes

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Seventh Generation Disinfecting Multi-Surface Wipes
Seventh Generation
Review Summary
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Great for a quick cleanup of the kitchen or bathroom
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All ingredients disclosed, EPA registered
Reasonably priced
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Love this!  It's funny, because I initially hated the smell.  It's a strong lemongrass thyme scent, and I couldn't stand it.  But after using these a few more times, I actually grew to love it.  It's perfect for those small household wipe-downs.  I use it on the baby's high chair, the counters, you name it.

These kinds of wipes are typically not the greenest option, but they sure are convenient.  The thing I like about Seventh Generation is that they make greener alternatives to products that are not ordinarily green.  So, if you're going to buy wipes, buy these!

All of the ingredients are disclosed and the container is recyclable.  It's a little more expensive than say, the Chlorox kind, but worth it.  It's good stuff.   

I do think the smell is very strong and an acquired taste, though.  Some people may not like it.

FTC Disclosure:  I received some free samples for review per my request.   

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