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NewLeaf Clean All Purpose Cleaner

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NewLeaf Clean All Purpose Cleaner
NewLeaf Clean
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Extremely effective...even for big kitchen messes!
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Full ingredient disclosure, easily recyclable containers.
Good price for a big bottle
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newleaf clean

Last week I interviewed Sarapage Bauguss, Co-founder, President, and Creator of NewLeaf Clean.  Over the last few days, I had the opportunity to try out NewLeaf Clean's All Purpose Cleaner.

I was actually blown away by how powerful this cleaner is.  My stovetop was kind of a mess and this cleaner removed all of the gunk with barely any elbow grease necessary.  It worked great on my counters, too.  

The biggest test was using the cleaner on my son's high chair tray after he ate crackers and jelly.   It worked well and got all the sticky jelly off easily.

The cleaner smells great, too.  It isn't perfumey or artificial smelling, which I find many "green" cleaners often are.  

Lastly, the ingredients list is refreshingly short and simple containing things like vinegar and tea tree oil.  The containers are recyclable.   Keen and Green indeed!

FTC Disclosure:  I received some free samples for review.

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