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Nature Babycare Diaper

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Nature Babycare Diaper
Nature Babycare Diaper
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Leaky leaky
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The greenest disposable diaper I've used to date
More expensive than most disposables
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While much greener than most disposable diapers you'll find, the Nature Babycare diapers just don't quite work for us.   Before I get into all of the icky details, I want to sing the praises of the greenness of this diaper.  

First off, they're partially biodegradable.  This is better than most disposable diapers, but unfortunately, I think their marketing lead me to believe that they were totally biodegradable and could even be thrown into my compost bin.  They're not fully biodegradable and you cannot compost them.   BUT, they still are a better option in terms of biodegradability than your average disposable -- even better than other green diapers I've reviewed.  Much of the diaper is made from non-GM corn starch, which is awesome.Now for the nitty gritty.  Actually, they worked fine for pee diapers...and even pee-saturated overnight diapers.  But they could not contain my son's poop.   Every single time Isaac pooped, we had to do a whole outfit change.  In fact, after last night's poop incident in a Nature Babycare diaper, we had to do a full bath.  Not a good quality in a diaper.  

I'm about a quarter way through my package, and already I discovered two "mutant" diapers.  They were partly stuck in the folded position, and by trying to unfold them, the whole diaper ripped.  What a waste!

We typically only use disposable diapers when traveling and at nighttime.  Luckily, we can keep using these at night because they're absorbent enough for the pee, but we can't rely on them for traveling.  

The diapers are expensive ($12.99 for a pack of 31 -- a few more dollars than, say, the 365 brand diapers, while not as green but more reliable, retails at $9.99 for 35), so I can't imagine buying these too frequently.   :-(

FTC Disclosure:  I received some free samples for review.

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