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Kids Konserve Snak Pak

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Kids Konserve Snak Pak
Kids Konserve
Review Summary
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Reusable snack bag and containers.
Greenness Rating: 
BPA and Phthalate free!
It's a little expensive, but very cool.
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This is a very cool little snack bag, made by Kids Konserve.  Perfect for a small lunch, snack, or picnic, it produces a waste-free lunch.  Forget the Ziplocs, brown bags, and paper's time to "konserve!" :-)

The Snak Pak contains: a cotton drawstring bag, cotton napkin, a round leak-proof stainless steel container, and the reusable food wrap, dubbed "the food kozy."  

I find it very useful for going places with my toddler.  Everything can fit neatly in the bag and it doesn't create any garbage.   I don't know why I never thought of bringing a cloth napkin on the go!  I also throw in a few Lucky Butterfly reusable snack bags filled with cereal and other small snacks to keep some extra food handy.

People might be turned off by the price at first.  However, it will eventually pay for itself because you won't need to buy bags, cheap plastic containers that warp in the dishwasher after a while or leach chemicals, paper napkins, or sandwich bags.   Everything is also BPA and phthalate free!

Definitely some cool stuff at Kids Konserve.  They make it much easier and more fun to have a waste-free lunch or snack!  

Disclosure -- I received a free sample for review from Kids Konserve.  Thanks!  :-)  It is already going to use!  

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