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Nuture, Inc.
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Tasty! The baby loves it and I even tried it, too!
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Organic food, BPA free packaging with a lower carbon footprint, but it's unclear whether or not the pouches are recyclable
10 for $10 at my local Stop & Shop...can't beat that!
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I had noticed the HAPPYBABY Baby Food pouches before, but I didn't realize that they were baby food.  I thought they were juice, because they come in pouches that look a lot like Capri-Sun.  While I am an advocate of making your own baby food, I keep a backup stock of pre-made baby food, especially for travel.   Recently, I was in the organic baby section at my local Stop & Shop, and I gave these HAPPYBABY pouches a closer look.  They were TEN for TEN DOLLARS!  Wow!  I grabbed one of each flavor.

This baby food is GOOD.  I always try the food that I feed my baby, and this was by far the tastiest store-bought baby food I've ever tried.  The mango was really good.  It tasted as fresh as it possibly could have.  Honestly, I could have eaten the entire pouch!  My 7 month old baby (Isaac) gobbled it up, too.  Most of it actually REMAINED in his mouth!  

These are the perfect travel baby food.  It's shelf-stable (which can be a problem with homemade baby's hard to take on-the-go because it needs to be refrigerated), and it's not breakable or heavy like jars. 

The pouches are BPA-free and they have a lower carbon footprint than jars.   Unfortunately, I don't have any information about whether or not the pouches are recylable.  The fact that their website says that some of their product packaging IS recyclable but makes no mention of the pouches, leads me to believe that they are not.  :-(   I hope I'm wrong, but because of this, they only get 4 out of 5 stars.  

Learn more about HAPPYBABY Pouches on their website.  

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