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Earth's Best Organic Elmo Ravioli

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Earth's Best Organic Elmo Ravioli
Earth's Best
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Tastes disgusting
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Organic, but the can contains BPA
An inexpensive and organic alternative if your kid likes Chef Boyardee
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To put it bluntly, this stuff was absolutely vile tasting.  I usually like Earth's Best kids food.  I think their mini-waffles are really tasty, and their cheddar crackers are addictive.  But this ravioli...ugh.  I understand that it's not gourmet food, and it's really just Earth's Best's answer to Chef Boyardee, but it was unbelievably bad.

I bought it to give to my toddler, Isaac, in case I had to whip something up in a pinch.  A few nights ago, my husband and I were scrounging up some leftovers for dinner so I made this can of ravioli for the kiddo to go with some leftover vegetables.  Isaac loves cheese ravioli.   As soon as I opened the can, I knew this was a bad idea.   The smell of the sauce made me gag and when I took a bite I almost spit it out.  I thought maybe Isaac would still like it, so I gave him some.

Isaac fed himself a piece, grimaced, and pulled it out of his mouth and threw it on the floor.  Then every single piece on his high chair tray was tossed on to the floor as well.  

My husband, who hates to waste food, decided that he'd eat the rest of the ravioli.  He couldn't even tell that it was cheese ravioli.  He thought it was just pasta dough in the middle.  The sauce was really acidic tasting but lacked any other flavor.  The cheese in the middle of the pasta was flavorless as well, but the sauce I think was the real problem.

As for its greenness, yes, it is organic.  If your kid likes Chef Boyardee (which isn't a crime -- I liked it when I was little, too) this could be an organic alternative for when you need to whip up a quick lunch.  But be warned, the can has BPA in its lining.  In fact, the only U.S. brand of canned food WITHOUT BPA is Eden.  I didn't know this until recently.  I suppose I need to be a more educated consumer.  

That said, I learned my lesson.  I was looking for a very lazy and easy way out, but I could easily keep organic ravioli in the freezer and mix it with our homemade marinara sauce that we can ourselves.  And it would be tastier.  

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