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Earth's Best Chlorine-Free Diapers

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Earth's Best Chlorine-Free Diapers
Earth's Best
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These diapers work really well!
Greenness Rating: 
Not biodegradable, but chlorine-free, dye-free, latex-free, fragrance-free...
Runs for about $10 for a pack of 38. Not bad for chlorine-free!
Overall Rating: 

While not as green as cloth diapers and not biodegradable (Broody Chick is the only brand that I've found which is fully biodegradable), they're excellent and affordable alternatives to disposable diapers that contain dyes and bleaches.

They're not as soft as Huggies Pure and Natural, which are the softest "greener" disposable diaper we've used, but my son seems perfectly comfortable in them.  He has sensitive skin and we've had no problems with rashes.  They don't usually leak, either.  Not even with big poopy blowouts.  

The best thing about these diapers is that they're really easy to find.  Most regular supermarkets carry them.  

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