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Bon Ami All-Purpose Cleaner

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Bon Ami All-Purpose Cleaner
Bon Ami
Review Summary
Keeness Rating: 
Excellent cleaner for wiping down the kitchen sink, counters, table, etc.
Greenness Rating: 
Non-scary ingredient list, recycled/recyclable packaging, phosphate-free
Only about three bucks for 25 oz!
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bon ami cleaner review

This is currently the go-to cleaner in my kitchen.  It truly is an all-purpose cleaner.  It's great for high chairs, kitchen counters, the sink, the stove.  It even worked on the sticky icky spilled beer on the stove top from when my husband was homebrewing!  Very few spray cleaners do that.

While not as heavy duty as Bon Ami's Liquid Cleanser, it still packs a punch.  I used the Free and Clear, so it has no fragrances.  It also comes in tangerine thyme.  However, I've used Bon Ami's tangerine thyme scented products before, and they smell great.

As for the greenness factor, Bon Ami is super green.  They've been around for over 100 years, so this is not some company wanting to jump on the "greenwagon" after hearing about An Inconvenient Truth.  

Read their list of ingredients.   No phosphates, no chlorine, and no other harsh chemicals.  Plus, their packaging is either recycled or recyclable.  

FTC Disclosure:  I received some samples courtesy of Bon Ami for review.

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