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365 Chlorine-Free Diapers

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365 Chlorine-Free Diapers
365 (Whole Foods)
Review Summary
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Passed the three tests: pee, poop, and overnight!
Greenness Rating: 
Chlorine-free, and more eco-friendly than most disposable diapers, but still not biodegradable
At $9.99 for 35 diapers, it's a great deal
Overall Rating: 

That's my baby, Isaac, sportin' 365 diapers.

Like the Seventh Generation diapers, I put these diapers through the tests:

  • The Pee Test.   To pass this test, the diaper simply needs to hold a small amount of pee without leaking.  If a diaper can't pass the basic pee test, it's diaper to me.  How did 365 fare?  Passed, except for one time.  We did have one leaky diaper incident, but the rest of the time, there was no problem.  I think I'll chalk the leak up to human error.  (With a squirmy 11 month old who'd rather streak, it's hard to get a diaper on!)  
  • The Poop Test.  Can this diaper contain a mass quantity of baby poop?  Passed with flying colors.  No problems here.  
  • The Overnight Test.  We prefer to cloth diaper most of the time, but we do use disposables at daycare and overnight because all of our cloth diapers result in a pee-soaked baby and crib in the middle of the night, sadly.  How did 365 do?  Passed.  Woohoo!
  • The 365 diapers are an excellent alternative to the more expensive Seventh Generation and Huggies Pure and Natural.  They're perfectly functional and chlorine-free.  Like the other disposables I've reviewed, I don't see these as a green alternative to cloth diapers, but they're a great supplement.  Good for travel, overnight, daycare, or whenever cloth diapers don't work for you.  

    FTC Disclosure:  I received some free samples for review per my request.   

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