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Can You Compost Human Feces?

People do it, but it's not safe.  Human poop can carry pathogens, diseases, and organisms that can be really dangerous.  The bacteria can even sometimes survive the process of composting and end up in what your grow in your garden.  If you really want to compost your poop, you can always look into getting a composting toilet.  

Some kinds of poop are compostable, however.  You can compost herbivore animal poop, like chicken, cow, or sheep droppings.  In fact, they're good for your compost.  Cat poop should NEVER be composted, and dog poop can only be composted if you're doing worm composting.  They even sell composters for dog poop, such as this one.  

As for compostable diapers and diaper liners, like gDiapers, you can't compost the poopy diapers but you can compost the pee diapers.  In fact, the urine will provide nitrogen to your compost.