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Breastfeed Your Baby To Go Green

The Daily Greening

Continuing on with baby tips today, I found one of the best and most simple ways to go green for new parents is sitting right in front of their noses.  Especially, if those noses are at chest level.



GO Green with Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is simple one of the most ecological choices a new Mom can make.  Mother's milk is natural and takes zero resources to make (other then what the mother already eats).  No pollution is created by the production of milk, no packaging is needed for delivery, there is no waste and no fossil fuels are created in transportation of the milk.  Mother's milk is also the most nutritious type of food for baby at the specific time it is administered.  So just give your young one the breast and feel proud of your green decision.

But we at are not breastfeeding fascists, some women just are unable to breastfeed for any number of reasons.  For these women we suggest they use a free-trade organic formula.  Simple decisions for a healthy, green baby.