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Mel P


Fun Fact Friday: Upcycling the Rockefeller Christmas Tree

Irockefeller center christmas treet's not Christmas in New York City without the famous Rockefeller Christmas Tree.  The 2014 tree will be lit for the first time on Wednesday, December 3.  It's free and open to the public or you can watch on TV.    This is a tradition that's been going on for over 80 years!

But here's a fun fact for your Friday -  Afterwards, the 20-foot-high tree is upcycled for an awesome cause:  Habitat for Humanity.   This will be the eight consecutive year that the tree is donated to Habitat for Humanity.  ... read more

Funding Opportunities For Homeowners, Industry, Gov and Non-profits

You may have heard of Grants being awarded to businesses, industries, universities, and other organizations to increase the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. Grants are a great way to get funding, but they come with strings attached. The application process can be a rather daunting task but once you're past that, if you get funded, you'll have a bevy of other responsibilities. The entity that gave you the money (especially if it's the Government) will want to know how you spend each penny, so you'll need to have the processes in place for that. You will need to track your progress and be able to show that you accomplished what you said you were going to accomplish. But don't let these things deter you as billions of dollars are awarded each and every year. Here's a list of grant sources to get you headed in the right direction.... read more

James White


Fun Fact Friday - The EPA

EPAToday, most environmental legislation comes from the Democrats, but not terribly long ago the efforts were bipartisan.  Did you know that it was actually Richard Nixon who formed the EPA?

Previously, other environmental policies were put in place.   Some early environmental legislation included the Water Pollution Control Act in 1948 and the Air Pollution Control Act of 1955.   Throughout the late 50s into the 60s, Congress took note of Americans increasing concerns about human impact and the environment.   In1970, Nixon consolidated the offices of the federal government's environmental responsibilities and that's when the EPA was born!... read more

Fascinating Fact Friday - Robin Williams, the Environment, and FernGully

Today's "Fun Fact Friday" has a bit of a sadness to it, so I've changed it to "Fascinating Fact Friday" - just for today.

As the world mourns the loss of Robin Williams, I began to think about the different roles he played over the years.  My favorite was Mrs. Doubtfire, but another movie I enjoyed as a kid was FernGully: The Last Rainforest.  


... read more

Corporations That Care About Social Issues [Infographic]

 While for-profit businesses aren't always known for their generosity, there are still in fact dozens of U.S. companies that reach into their deep pockects and give money to help make a difference for some of society's most vulnerable populations and to create a positive change in today's deteriorating environment. Take a look at which copanies give the most and have the biggest impact on alarming social issues. ... read more

Youth Empowerment for the Green Campaign

Environmental problems have become adversely diverse and extensively threatening in the modern times. In the past, humanity was only dealing with a simple pollution problem but now the enormous world population, climate change, global warming, and many other serious problems are already endangering the Earth and every life form.


Scientists, environmentalists and experts have been working together to discover scientific breakthroughs and other methods to address the aggravating issues. Environmental organizations and concerned citizens are also doing their part to contribute in the effort to save Mother Earth. ... read more

The “Green" Mission: An Outdoor Enthusiast's Urgent Call

The urgency of maintaining ecological balance is undeniably alarming. Global awareness on distressing environment issues and concerns calls us to participate on the mission to rehabilitate and save Mother Earth, and all life forms.


Will you allow losing the priceless gifts of nature? If you loved the great outdoors, you will definitely not. It is a natural therapy that revitalizes ourselves after a day or a week of hard slog. There is no substitute for the regenerating sound of nature, the refreshing green sceneries and the cooling fresh air.


On my personal perspective, comprehensive education and public awareness programs should constantly be running to remind us of our huge responsibilities to the environment. There are so much to discover and enjoy in the great outdoors. But if we would just do it to feed our lust for thrill and adventure, we should know that it could impact to the whole ecosystem.... read more