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Green Camping Tips

green camping

Are you camping this summer?  Here are some tips for keeping your camping trip keen and green:... read more

Top 4 Most Innovative Green Car Advancements

Green automotive technology is the future. With hybrid and electric optimized vehicles, consumers can get more bang for their buck. The biggest boon is that dependency on gas is lowered, and thanks to steadily climbing gas prices, green cars pay for themselves. It makes plenty of sense that consumers are demanding better fuel economy from their vehicles.

Ford EcoBoost

Companies like Toyota, Elon Musk, Chrysler, Honda and others have responded. For example, Ford has produced an EcoBoost engine family and they're being used in various models. Of particular note is the 2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost, amped up with about 310 horsepower. That's not too shabby for a green tech car.... read more

Keeping Your Garage or Warehouse Clean

When shopping the grocery store aisles, you see a lot of cleaning products that claim to be the best. They kill 99.99 percent of germs or remove 98 percent of stains from bathroom fixtures, they remove soil build-up on your hard floors or get rid of the smell left over from your pet’s accident on the carpet. Perhaps these chemicals and other products live up to their reputations, or perhaps they don’t; either way, it is worth considering whether those products do what they say they will as well as how they do it.

Garages and warehouses are some of the dirtiest places so you want to make sure you buy a cleaning product that works and is cost effective for such a large space.

Most commercially manufactured cleaning products contain chemicals that are harmful to humans and the environment, but they actually aren’t much more effective at cleaning than many green options. These tips can help you make the adjustment for a healthier and more environmentally-friendly cleaning process for your garage, shed or warehouse.

  1. Switch to Green Cleaning Products: A lot of the time commercial chemicals come with numerous warnings, but what if you didn’t have to take such care with your cleaning supplies? Try a new brand of healthy, biodegradable and nontoxic cleaning supplies to make sure that you are taking care of your health and your environment while you are cleaning. Whether you are cleaning the floor or a  high hard to reach place, most of the time a natural product, or even just vinegar or baking soda, does just as well as the commercial chemical brands. Using distilled white vinegar with warm water (1/4 part vinegar, 3 parts water) will also lower costs of buying cleaning products.... read more

PROGO 3000: An Eco-Friendly Propane Powered Scooter

propane scooterEverybody is always looking for an inexpensive and eco-friendly mode of transporation.  That's why I was excited to hear about the PROGO 3000 from ProGo Recreation, LLC.    After two years of research and testing, ProGo Recreation announced that they are starting production on the PROGO 3000 - the first-ever propane powered scooter!  And you can help them fundraise on their Kickerstarter page!... read more

Why You Should Carbon Offset Your Flight

carbon offsetting flightsWe all love to travel to broaden our horizons, our experiences and our cultural boundaries, but planes consume fuel, generate carbon emissions and pollute the planet. In fact, air travel is the fastest growing source of the greenhouse gas emissions that are responsible for climate change. If you dream of heading off to a far flung and exotic part of the world but you’re worried about the damage you’re doing to our planet, you should think about carbon offsetting your flight.

 What is carbon offsetting?

Carbon offsetting scheme providers, such as Carbon Footprint, Carbon Neutral Company and Climate Care agree that while everyone inadvertently produces carbon dioxide emissions (some more than others of course!), there are ways that you can help to reduce the earth's total emissions to balance it out. By making a small contribution to one of these offsetting scheme providers, you can render the carbon emissions produced by your flight neutral. This is usually a tiny percentage of the cost of your flight and can be simply done online after making your purchase.... read more

Europe’s Most Spectacular Train Journeys

Sure, it’s not the fastest way to get from A to B, but train travel has ten times the romance of that hectic and overcrowded flight you’d normally be squashing yourself into and it’s a hell of a lot better for the environment. So why not slow down the pace of life and enjoy not just the winning, but the taking part? Here we share a few of the most stunningly scenic train journeys through Europe – so pack your bags and hop aboard! 

bergen to osloThe Bergen Line

Route: Bergen to Oslo      Time: 7 hours

Boasting the highest altitude train track in Europe, the Bergen-to-Oslo journey is often described as one of the most beautiful in the whole world. Journeying between striking mountaintops, deep blue fjords, stunning glaciers and sprawling pine forests, you’ll feel like you’re voyaging through an enchanted kingdom, millions of miles from the nearest civilisation. Built in 1875 and the highest point standing at 1,222m above sea level, the Bergen-Oslo journey is nothing short of magical. Check out for more information. ... read more

Ode to the Trashman

I’ll be honest I came up with this blog after reading an article in a waste hauling/management magazine by an old time trucker/trashman. The article touched on the loss of respect for today’s trashmen and waste haulers.

garbage truckThe modern trashman or garbageman doesn’t receive the respect he or she deserves (yes there are a good number of women working in the waste and recycling fields, but that’s for another blog) for the services they provide. These positions aren’t considered the most well respected jobs. These are dirty, labor intensive and unforgiving jobs. Many times considered a dirty job provided by the uneducated.

Most people may not realize that these jobs can pay very well. In NYC some garbagemen are making six figures. The jobs are well paying many times and unionized, but the workers earn their pay. Trash hauling is big a money business. People and companies are willing to pay whatever it takes for their trash to disappear. For the most part the waste hauling business is controlled by a handful of large national corporations.

The line of work is dangerous and dirty. These workers have to deal with our waste and heavy machinery. They have to handle what we discard. Ranging from food waste to dirty diapers. Often times even hazardous and deadly materials. When a work grabs a barrel to dump he has no idea what could be inside.... read more

What's Your Favorite Hybrid Car Myth?

HybridI'm sure you've seen both sides of the coin by now with hybrid vehicles.  One side's championing and the other's lambasting on many points of interest.  Heck, there's probably even a small sector of people debating the debate on hybrids vs. conventional vehicles.

To which I say, whatever's clever.  At some point, all the facts and figures and testimonials won't change everyone's mind sooner rather than later.  Whether that's because of myths or not, I figured it's high time to list the best hybrid myths out there.  And at the end, if you want to pick your favorite from the bunch or add to the list, you're more than welcome.

Now on to the list!

Myth #1: Hybrids Are Still A Relative Unkown

While they may be intentionally unkown to some, hybrids are far from being a new property.  The "hybrid" car was orignially conceived way back in the late 17th century by Ferdinand Verbiest, who drew up plans to create a 4-wheel steam car for the Chinese Emperor, Khang Hsi.  And as for the first functioning hybrid, you only have to go nearly 100 years later to 1769, where Frenchman Nicholas Cugnot completed a steam-powered carriage that moved at a brisk 6 miles per hour.  Granted, it wasn't fast, but from a technical sense of the word, it's still a hybrid through and through.

Myth #2: Hybrid Tech Is Merely A Trend 

Technology is always evolving into something much more with every passing year.  Whether it's smartphones becoming smarter, home siding becoming more energy efficient or in the case of hybrid engines, becoming more advanced between all-electric reliance or efficient gas-electric motors, hybrid cars are evolving with every new model year.  Trends are reserved for disco.

Myth #3: Hybrids Only Appeal To Conservationists

This one's pretty easy to dissect.  Grouping a hybrid with a percentage of people who may be more eco-friendly than another is on the same level as saying the only people who buy a Porsche or Corvette are people approaching a mid-life crisis.  The reality is a hybrid appeals to every driver the same way a truck or sports car should appeal to every driver. ... read more

Eco Friendly Travel Tips!

Travelling abroad can be and in fact most often is, one of the most exciting and potentially inspiring things that any person could choose to do with their time. The intense mix of culture shock and in turn the feeling of being removed from your own comfort zone often than not leads to a very strange feeling of bliss and openness. For most of us going abroad is a break from work, home and normality, at a small price. But that price needn’t be forced onto the natural world as well, and it quite often is. For those of us who, whilst at home regularly use “mod cons”, heading away for a trip abroad can be a great excuse to cut back on expensive and environmentally damaging technology. By utilising your new found freedom to its full potential it can be incredibly easy to leave behind all the items and home comforts which make our lives easy and routine and in turn often damage the environment.... read more

Fuel Conservation Tips For Drivers

Trying to be more green with how we drive has a number of benefits that stretch beyond dollars and cents. As consumers out there try to come to terms with the Hybrid movement or get a feel for all-electric models like the Nissan Leaf or need further information regarding gas-electric combination vehicles like the Chevy Volt, saving trips to the pump isn’t necessarily tied down to fuel efficient cars as much as it applies to how we drive and what steps we take to make sure our car’s overall performance is up to par.

Granted, there’s a significant advantage for having a hybrid vehicle that gets on average around 40+ miles per gallon, but drivers with older model cars can still contribute to being green and reduce the amount of emissions into the atmosphere from simple car care tips.

Here are a few easy steps or reminders to do just that.

... read more

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