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Eco-Friendly Ink-Saving Fonts

When it comes time to print something, take fonts into consideration. Most people don't think about fonts, but certain fonts use more ink than others.  The smaller the surface area of the font, the less ink it uses.  The standard Times New Roman is usually a decent choice because the letters are thin.  There are even certain fonts purposely designed to use less ink!


Ecofont was developed by SPRANQ in the Netherlands.  It was made to reduce ink usage by containing tiny holes, which reduces the amount of ink needed by about 15% in comparison to the Vera Sans family, the font in which Ecofont is based.  When printed in smaller sizes, the holes can't be seen.... read more

Green Ways for Businesses to Prosper During the Winter

green ice meltWinter months can be quite costly on any aspect of life including business. Dropping temperatures cause you to invest more money into maintaining heat while ice-covered walkways could prove hazardous to your customers. Instead of putting money into methods that are not conducive of a green way of life, even when everything around you is white, there are alternatives to promote sustainability in the workplace during the harshness of winter.

Organic Ice Melt - Instead of using rock salt, there are organic methods you can use that provide a more sustainable future for the ground water table and surrounding plant life. Many of these products can be bought at a dollar per pound or less. The organic and natural deicer compounds are friendly to the environment as well as animals that may frequent your business. While you may not have pets on site, why not provide a safe pathway on the sidewalk for pets of your potential customers? It could even be used as a great method for marketing your business as environment and pet friendly.

Sugar Beet Juice - A growing trend for many is the use of sugar beet juice on roadways to prevent ice from forming. This non-corrosive, biodegradable and non-staining substance has been used in various cities as a way to promote a less-costly way to keep citizens safe. Not only does this require less material in order to provide expected results, but it is much safer for the environment than other chemical alternatives and requires no cleanup in the spring.... read more

4 Weird Ways to Green Your Home Business

You refuse to purchase plastic water bottles, your home business is paperless, and you recycle and reuse whenever possible. You are at peace knowing your efforts to minimize your carbon footprint are making a small but meaningful impact on the planet.

But there’s always something more you can do. Consider the following 4 unordinary ways your business can continue to make progressive moves to better the planet’s health.

Create a Healthy Breathing Ecosystem

Plant life is important for filtering the air we breathe. Your home business will benefit from healthy plant life both in and outside of the house. Consider using a rain gauge to water your plants and conserve water. The presence of healthy plants is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also adds more essential oxygen to the environment.... read more

Funding Opportunities For Homeowners, Industry, Gov and Non-profits

You may have heard of Grants being awarded to businesses, industries, universities, and other organizations to increase the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. Grants are a great way to get funding, but they come with strings attached. The application process can be a rather daunting task but once you're past that, if you get funded, you'll have a bevy of other responsibilities. The entity that gave you the money (especially if it's the Government) will want to know how you spend each penny, so you'll need to have the processes in place for that. You will need to track your progress and be able to show that you accomplished what you said you were going to accomplish. But don't let these things deter you as billions of dollars are awarded each and every year. Here's a list of grant sources to get you headed in the right direction.... read more

My job as a recycling worker, Part 2

Sorry it took a little longer than expected to post Part II, but here it is.

Having to interact with workers at all types of business has shown me that you never know who will be a good customer and who won’t be. People who you expect to not care about recycling can sometimes surprise you.... read more

Recycling in the Workplace: How Much of a Difference Can Really Be Made?

Think about how much trash you throw into your recycling bins at home each month. Now think about how much trash you produce in your office. Can you image how much garbage your office throws out could be recycled? If you think that recycling in your workplace would not make a difference, think again. 

Each year, businesses throw away tons of garbage that could be recycled. It’s such a waste of resources and money, and it overruns our crowded landfills. Make the change to start a recycling program in your workplace today. 

Make a Plan 

It’s easy to say “we want to recycle in our office,” but it’s much harder to make a program that actually makes the workplace more efficient. Before you implement a recycling program, take a few minutes to make a plan. Be sure to decide: 

  • What items you want to recycle
  • Who will head the recycling program
  • How you will dispose of waste 

Each of these steps is very important because you need to stay focused in order to keep track of your results to see how much of a difference you are making with your new program.... read more

Eco-Friendly Office Tips

Offices can be nice, heart-warming places or they can be the epitome of corporate neutrality, however one thing is certain – the need for eco-friendly solutions is there in all cases. The following tips are aimed to giving you the best possible solutions with the simplest things in mind to make you follow the green path. Let's begin with the first one on the list: 

You should turn off any printers, computers, copiers and equipment you're not using at the moment to minimize your power drain. They should always be turned off at the end of each day so you can save as much electricity as possible. You should also make sure that all your machines, computers and so forth are set to their energy efficiency settings. If you're leaving a room, shut the lights off. You should use fluorescent light bulbs instead of the older incandescent type. Also, make sure you use as much as you can from the natural sunlight around you. ... read more

5 Apps to Help People Live Green

green appsWho’s says it’s not easy being green? Being eco-friendly in today’s digital world is as simple as downloading a few apps on a cell phone, iPod or tablet. Users can learn how to become sustainable, recycle household products and understand the different types of products that are safe for the environment. Users may even put some green in their pockets by doing so as well. The following apps are meant to help every day people manage their own earth-friendly lives.

 1.     iRecycle

Reduce, reuse and recycle has been a catch phrase for environmentalists for years! With iRecycle, users plug into various local recycling opportunities with access to millions of ways to recycle. They also can find out the latest in green news and ideas to fit you and your family’s lifestyles. 

iRecycle is available from iTunes and Google Play. 

2. Green Outlet

A great way to control your budget is by reducing your electric usage, which in turn is a helps the environment. Green Outlet helps users identify which household appliances are emptying their pockets, offering ways to cut down on electricity usage. Green Outlet even alert users when they have exceeded the U.S. Government’s “Recommended Carbon Usage.” 

Download Green Outlet for an iPhone, iPad or iPod from iTunes. ... read more

A New Paper Paradigm: Tree-Free Paper

Woody Harrelson - tree free paperBetween three and six billion trees are cut down each year and, of those, approximately 50% are used to make paper. This places a tremendous amount of pressure on the world’s ancient and endangered forests and threatens species that rely upon those forests for survival.

Despite efforts to move towards electronic practices, many people still rely heavily on paper in both their business and personal lives. And, well, paper comes from trees.

So what can be done?... read more

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