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A Waste-Free Lunch

thermosSay good-bye to single-use sandwich baggies, brown paper lunch bags, and Ziplocs. Let's look at some safe and eco-friendly alternatives to the traditional ways to pack a lunch.

Pyrex Containers:
While not great for little kids, these are perfect for a work lunch because if you need to heat something up in the microwave, you can heat it up and eat from it as well.

Stainless Steel:
Life Without Plastic has many wonderful options. They're air tight, and you can use them for your lunch or storing food at home as well.

Reusable Baggies:
Forget about Ziplocs and buy reusable snack and sandwich bags.  I love The Lucky Butterfly because they're cute, reusable, and easy to clean. They're great for your own lunch, kids lunches, or packing a picnic lunch.

I was a Thermos kid, not a juice box kid, growing up, so think it's time to rethink the Thermos! In fact, the Thermos brand now has many stainless steel options for beverages AND food.

Lunch Boxes:
Forget the brown paper bags and get reusable. Laptop Lunches has very cute stuff!  They're eco-friendly and they have different lunch box styles, bento box sets, and more! Planet Box also has adorable metal lunch boxes that can be decorated with magents.  I also like canvas lunch bags.  Eco Bags has recycled cotton lunch bags that are machine-washable.

Cloth Napkins and Utensils:
Don't forget to throw a cloth napkin and a fork or spoon in your lunch box!  These are always the two things I forget!  

Avoid Pre-Packaged Foods:
Sure, those small packages of food are easier to just toss in with your lunch, but they just create more waste.  Buy premade snacks in bigger boxes and make things at home whenever possible.

Bring your food waste home to compost. Urge your kids to bring back that banana peel and uneaten sandwich crust!