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Trick or Treat: Have a GREEN Halloween!

eco-friendly & green Halloween!Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  Can't go wrong with pumpkins, candy, costumes, and ghost stories...especially if you go the eco-friendly way.

Costumes:  Get creative!  Instead of going to the party store and spending $35 on a costume that will probably rip by the end of the day isn't worth your while.  Scour a thrift shop.  Some of the best costumes I've ever seen were the result of a little trip to a local Goodwill.  You can find all sorts of interesting stuff from there that can be made into a cool costume.  If you're crafty with a needle and thread, make something from scratch.  Hand-me-down costumes are another green way to go.  For kids, finding a costume that would also be good year-round as some dress up clothes is a fun idea.

Decorations:  What's the greenest way to decorate your house for Halloween?  Why, jack-o-lanterns of course!  Scoop out the pumpkin pulp, cook the seeds, make some pie, carve a spooky face, then once the pumpkin begins to decay, toss it in your compost bin.  Can't get much more eco-friendly than that.  As far as store bought decorations go, go for stuff that costs a few more dollars but that is durable so you can store it and take it out year after year.

Trick or treat bags:  Back in the day where I was still trick or treating, I remember candy-hungry kids trick or treating with pillow cases as opposed to bags.  Little did they know that they were actually doing something eco-friendly!  Those Halloween-themed plastic bags you can buy at the store never hold out for very long anyway.  Pillow cases not festive enough?  How about buying some blank tote bags and decorating them to look Halloweeny?  Then you can use them every Halloween!  (or if you don't mind, you can use them for trips to the grocery store year round)

Are you having a Halloween party?  Here are some tips on keeping that green, too:

- Forgo the paper invites and send out an Evite.

- Serve refreshments that are both festive and green.  After carving your jack-o-lantern, serve the pumpkin seeds and pumpkin pie.  Organic apples (or apple pie!) and organic apple cider are always hits.  I love hot mulled cider in the slow cooker and if you're having a party with adults, you can put brandy in the cider, too!

- Get spooky and dim the lights!

- For kids, do some Halloween crafts using recycled materials.  Fun ideas are at Kiwi Magazine!   (start saving those plastic milk jugs)

Enjoy yourself and your GREEN Halloween!


**Originally posted on 10/7/2011