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Thanks Mama Cloth Diapers - Green Company Profile

Thanks Mama began in 2002, but when the original owner moved out of the country, current owners Helena and Kosta Shumakin bought the company and turned it into one of my favorite cloth diapering and green baby gear stores on the net.    

Everything came together for Helena and Kosta when Helena was pregnant with their daughter.  Helena had been reading about cloth diapering, and Kosta, who was working for an alternative energy company, was looking to make a career change.  When they learned that Thanks Mama was for sale, they decided to buy it.  

Why it's Keen:

All of the products on their site are personally selected by the Shumakins, so you know that the stuff on their site is hand-picked by parents who actually use cloth diapers.  Additionally, they offer plenty of inexpensive cloth diapers.  Thanks Mama also carries eco-friendly toys, natural baby care products, bibs, many different types of baby carriers, feminine products, and much more.

cloth diapered babyWhy it's Green:  

Undoubtedly, cloth diapers are the greenest way to diaper your baby and Thanks Mama sells all different types, from basic prefolds to the popular BumGenius to my personal favorite:  Rumparooz.  They also sell reusable sanitary napkins for mom, organic Baby Legs, organic baby bedding, eco-friendly toys, and natural baby bath products.  Almost any product that the eco-minded parent would want, Thanks Mama has.