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Tax Refunds, In Your Socket?

Obama Energy Rebates

Could the next tax rebate you get be from your energy usage?  According to Barrack Obama the answer is yes. At a recent town hall meeting in Denver, Colorado he talked about the potential for smart meters.  The president specified the ability of a national smart grid to register energy usage and conservation is key to the new stimulus package.

Smart meters work by providing practical information to the consumer.  This information about usage and waste usually has an immediate and dramatic effect, reduction of power usage by 15 percent.

The U.K. already provides meters for households. The U.K.'s meter program is part of the country's goal to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions 60 percent by 2050.

If you believe you can't wait you may get a new smart meter at your local hardware or specialty store at a starting price of $30.  In the future Google will help you sift through the information quickly.  Right now Google's PowerMeter--an online dashboard to help you gauge energy use and decide where to cut- is in development and expected to be ready soon.