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Take The Initiative On Paperless Strategies For Your Business

Paper has been with us for a long time.  And by a long time, I mean way back in A.D. times.  Ts'ai Lun has been credited with creating paper back in 105 A.D.  If you could think of the amount of paper created and used between then and present day, it'd probably fill up the globe ten fold.  

Most know the root source for all paper comes from trees, more specifically from the cellulose inside the wood but rags, and while most companies are required to replace every tree that is brought down for paper formation, the consuming of resources is still at the forefront.  And while recycling awareness has grown considerably (with nearly 33% of new paper sources coming directly from recylced means), there are still avenues for improvement.  Whether that comes from making sure to recycle more, turn to online news sources instead of subscribing to physical magazines or go one step further and make your business turn to more paperless applications, the end game is there are options out there. 

Let's examine the big picture by going the paperless route.  While it's almost impossible to completely ignore paper as a source for any and all business actions, there are specific areas where paperless can benefit, if not make productivity gains even higher.

Let's look at a few.

First Example: Training Packets/Documents - Think of all the paper that goes into a training manual.  Let's say the minimum number of sheets is around 20.  For every new hire that comes on board, that's a binder, 20+ pages of training documents and so forth.  If your company's 100 plus strong and growing, that's a whole heck of a lot paper going out the door.  And that's not even including secondary manuals for training on certain software, workplace compliance and other key areas of the business. 

The Solution:  There's two ways to do this.  Either scan the master copy and forward it to the entire office under a secure server, or establish a set of e-Learning videos specific to each area of need.  Not only is this tactic more user-friendly for the office, but if the videos are condensed down to a much more attainable form, your entire division has more time to focus on projects and other productive means for the company.  

Second Example:  Presentations - Practically every company plows through sheets of paper, big boards and other detailed, more glossy forms of paper to be used during scopes, projects and other important outlets for entertaining clients.  While today is in no way shape or form of the Mad Men days of advertising, there are times when companies must use paper for good reason.  But that doesn't mean a company can't do the same and still be both creative and eco-conscious as well.

The Solution: Cloud Based Presentations -  Again, while this won't fit with every business mold, relying more on Power Point presentations and other advanced tech like the iPad or other tablets to present products, scopes, and projects to not just your staff, but potential clients as well, there's a better sense of everything being streamlined from the ground floor on up.  In fact, if you go one step further and enable specific projects to be cast over cloud-based shareware, each department has faster access to the project and can make critiques or changes as they see fit.  In essence, email was just the beginning.  Smartphones able to share documents and charts and Power Point presentations going the distance is the future.

All in all, companies have a way to bypass their reliance for paper and still achieve the same result.  From closing a deal all the way down to making simple notes or memos for the office, businesses and people alike can make a strong impact through a paperless mentality.

Author Bio: Kyle is a freelance writer covering a variety of topics on everything from green tips and tricks, environmental awareness pieces and on occassion, the business industry.  He consults for a company called, ej4, which specializes in providing select e-Learning training videos for businesses and other educational outlets.