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Solar Rebates, Tax Credits, and Incentive Programs by State


Across the nation, legislation is being passed to make investing in renewable energy more affordable to homeowners and small business owners. In addition to the 30% federal tax credit, many states offer a variety of programs via tax credits, rebates, and incentives. Click on your state for more detailed information.

Alabama: (none)

Alaska: (none)

Arizona: Large rebates are available in the state of Arizona for solar installation – these vary based on the utility and range from $2-$4/watt of installed panelling (most residential systems are 2-4kW). Additionally, Arizona has a net-metering program open to all residents.

Arkansas: (none)

California: The California Solar Initiative provides a cash rebate per installed watt if solar paneling.

Colorado: Colorado also has an initiative that reimburses per watt of solar panel installed. However the reimbursement rate is decreasing every year. Colorado has an open-market where you can sell “Green Tags” or rights to your solar production.

Connecticut: The state offers a sizable rebate for each watt of solar panelling installed. In addition you are eligible for net metering and other incentives.

Delaware: Delaware has several grant programs which will pay for up to 50% of the cost of a residential solar installation and possibly more for commercial installations.

Florida: Florida offers a large rebate of $4/watt in addition to net metering.

Georgia: Georgia offers a cash rebate of up to 45% in addition to a net-metering program.

Hawaii: Hawaii offers a 35% tax credit on the cost of the installation as well as a “feed-in tariff” which allows you to sell your unused back to the utility.

Idaho: Idaho offers a sales tax rebate on all solar purchases and a 40% tax deduction for very LARGE systems (25kw or larger; most homes use 2-4kW systems).

Illinois: Illinois allows you to claim a rebate up to 30% of the cost of your project, maxing out at a whopping $50,000. Solar systems are exempt from property taxes and the state requires utilities to participate in a net-metering program.

Indiana: This state offers a grant of up to 50% of the cost of installation to non-residential properties only.

Iowa: Iowa offers a property tax exemption, a cash rebate for business installations, and a net-metering program.  There is also a state loan program which allows you to get low interest rate financing for your solar investment.

Kansas: (none)

Kentucky: Kentucky offers tax incentives to very large (50kW + - that's about 10 times the average home solar panel system), as well as a net metering program. You are also able to sell the solar energy produced to the Tennessee Valley Authority utility “if you qualify.”

Louisiana: Louisiana’s allows you a tax credit up to 50% of the cost of the installation, in addition to property tax incentives and a net-metering program.

Maine: Maine offers a rebate which varies based on the size of your system.

Maryland: Maryland provides a rebate up to 25% of the cost of installation, net metering, and a system of Solar Renewable Energy Credits which can be publicly traded.

Massachusetts: In Massachusetts the tax rebate you receive depends on a number of factors, including the size of your house, your income, your system, your home value. You are also able to sell Renewable Energy Certificates on an open market.

Michigan: Michigan offers some great incentives, including an upfront cash rebate, and a 20-year production incentive (aka “feed-in tariff) for energy you produce.

Minnesota: The state offers some pretty awesome incentives, including various utility-run rebate programs and a property tax exemption.

Mississippi: (none)

Missouri: (none)

Montana: Montana offers a nice cash rebate to businesses, who can claim up to 35% of the total cost of installation for a tax credit. However they only offer a measly $500 to residential consumers.

Nebraska: (none)

Nevada: Nevada offers a permanent (aka does not expire... ever!) cash rebate for solar installation in addition to a net-metering program.

New Hampshire: New Hampshire offers a property tax exemption for solar installation, but no cash rebates or tax credits.

New Jersey: New Jersey's programs include a cash rebate, net-metering, and ability sell Solar Credits on an open-market.

New Mexico: NM offers a 30% income tax credit as well as a per/kWh rebate for energy produced by through utilities.

New York: Amongst other things, the state of New York offers a 25% tax credit for the total caost of your solar installation.

North Carolina: North Carolina offers a nice tax rebate, a net-metering program to save you money on your energy bill, and a property tax exemption.

North Dakota: North Dakota offers a 15% tax rebate which is spread out across 5 years for the total cost of your solar equipment. 

Ohio: Ohio will rebate you up to $3/watt (with a max of $25k) for your solar install.

Oklahoma: Currently no residential incentives exist in the state of Oklahoma.

Oregon: The state offers $3/watt tax rebate.

Pennsylvania: The state of PA has a rebate up to 35% of the total cost of equipment and installation – the exact amount varies based on income, system size, and other factors.

Rhode Island: Rhode Island once had an exemplary rebate in place, but it expired in 2009.

South Carolina: South Carolina offers a 25% tax credit from the total price of installation, in addition to a sales tax exemption, and a a net-metering program.

South Dakota: (none)

Tennessee: (none)

Texas: Rebate programs in Texas vary by the utility you are served by and are fairly limited.

Utah: The legislation governing Utah's 25% / $2,000 tax credit expired. Several utilities offer incentive programs at the local level.

Vermont: Vermont offers a modest rebate for solar panels installed via the “Solar and Small Wind Incentive Program.”

Virginia: Virginia offers net-metering options (credits for unused solar you produce) and exempts you from property taxes associated with the increase of home value as a result of installing solar.

Washington: Washington is one of the only states that has a system where you are paid by the utility for each kW of power you produce.

Washington, DC: The District of Columbia has a limited pot of money for rebates for solar installation. Make sure to apply before you start your project.

West Virginia: (none)

Wisconsin: Wisconsin offers “Cash Back Rewards” up to 24% of the cost of installation.

Wyoming: (none)

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