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Safely Using Tap Water

Like many other people these days, I think bottled water is unnecessary.  Some people have concerns about the safety of their municipal tap water.   However, there are ways around it so no need to go the bottled water route!  Aside from getting a water filter, there are a few other tips.

First of all, DON'T USE HOT TAP WATER.  This is especially important if you have a baby and you're using tap water to make a bottle of formula.  This is because hot water dissolves contaminants more quickly than cold water and sometimes pipes in homes have lead that can leach into water.   

Second, don't boil the water!  It won't remove the lead and it can actually increase its concentration.  

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection offers this tip:  "In the morning, run the faucet where you normally take your first drink or fill up your coffee pot until the water turns as cold as it's going to get. This flushes out the water that has been standing in your pipes overnight. If no one is home and using water during the day, do the same thing in the evening."

Environmental scientists say that the risk of lead is small, but it's not worth the risk to me.  

For more info about lead, visit the EPA's website about lead.