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Recycling Markers and Pens

recycling pensLast week, I wrote about different ways to reuse and recycle crayons.   It got me thinking about pens and magic markers and how they might be a little more difficult to reuse and recycle.

According to Green Eco Services, over 10 billion non-biodegradable pens are sent to landfills every year.  Wow.   It's time to reduce that number and think about some greener solutions and easy ways to reuse and recycle markers and pens.  

Eco-Friendly Pen and Marker Solutions

While you may have some traditional (eco-unfriendly) pens and markers lying around your house, consider making a switch to greener ones next time you have to update your office, craft, or school supply collections.   Here are three options:

Extending the Lives of Pens and Markers

  • Here's a neat trick to get more use out of a marker from idsketching.  If you have kids, I recommend you do this without their help, as it can be dangerous.  
  • Nifty Stuff has instructions on refilling a pen with inkjet ink.  

Reusing Pens and Markers

  • Some really clever ideas at Green Eco Services, such as sculptures and making lamps.  
  • Recycle Chicken has some more fun ideas.  My favorite is using them to make picture frames!  Adorable!  

Recycling Pens and Markers

Take Action

There are some eco-friendly pen options, but markers?  Not so much.  Write to Crayola and encourage them to either make their markers recyclable or to make an eco-friendly option.  Most children's markers tend to be Crayola, so this could make a big difference.