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RECYCLE IT! Recycling Tip of the Week #3 - Recycling Your Water

dripping tapA lot of us focus on recycling things like cans and newspaper, but recycling can go beyond that.  How about recycling water?

There are a few ways to recycle water. 

1)  Harvest your rain.  Collect rainwater and use it to water your garden or wash your car.

2)  Collect shower water.  Keep a bucket in your bathroom so you can collect water as your shower water warms up.  If you use biodegradable bath and hair products, you could even use the rest of your bathwater!  

3)  Reuse kiddie pool water.  My son loves his little kiddie pool in the backyard, so when he's done playing in it, we reuse the water for our garden.  

4)  Collect water from your faucet in the winter.  This only applies for those of you who live in old houses in regions with cold winters.   We have to let our faucets drip when the weather gets cold so that our pipes don't freeze and burst.  We put bowls and/or buckets under the faucet and once they fill up we reuse the water.  We'll use it to water houseplants, fill the cat's water dish, or even make tea.

Do you want more information on water conservation in general?  Check out this post on conserving water every day.

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