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RECYCLE IT! Recycling Tip of the Week #1

This is the first in a weekly series entitled "Recycle It!"   I was inspired by a little tiff I had with my husband about whether or not an item was recyclable.  We are both obsessive about recycling but sometimes one (or both) of us is unclear about what is recyclable or the rules of recycling.  Sometimes they're not obvious - even to avid recyclers like my husband and me!   Other times, the rules change with more modern recycling technology.  

So, I bring you "Recycle It!"  Every Monday we're going to start the week off with a tip to help you make the most of recycling!  

Recycle It Tip #1:  Leave the bottle cap on the bottle!

water bottleNot only are plastic bottle caps recyclable, but you can leave them right on the bottle!  Most curbside recycling programs accept bottle caps that are made from #5 and #2 plastics.  This is a relatively new recycling rule, but it makes it easy to simply toss your bottle in the recycling bin without a worry!

Note: This tip and other Recycle It! tips are accurate for most people, but they may differ by municipality.  Contact your local recycling office if you have specific questions.