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Presido Graduate School Review - Green MBA/MPA

Search any list of "Green" MBA programs and universities, and Presidio Graduate School will be amongst the top 5 listings. Presidio Graduate School offers 3 Masters Degrees in Sustainable Management: an MBA (Masters in Business Administration), an MPA (Masters in Public Administration) , and a joint MBA/MPA.

Three core concepts guide these programs: Leadership, Sustainable Systems, and Business Foundations.  The goal of the MBA is to "prepare MBA students to be skilled in management... within an integrated framework of Sustainable Management." Presidio defines Sustainable Management as "everything from designing more sustainable—and affordable—consumer products to applying the power of business and policy in order to address interconnected global issues such as poverty, ecosystem services and human rights."

Presidio's MPA program is guided by the same principles, but focuses on management in the public sector and green public policy. This unique and innovative program "integrates principles of sustainable management into core coursework while building the skills to think systemically in addressing our most compelling issues—be it carbon market policy, energy, infrastructure, trade, or healthcare. Going beyond a traditional MPA, our program enriches students with the confidence and competencies to shift policy, program implementation, and public management in ways that both benefit society and create lasting change in public, private, and nonprofit organizations."

Graduates of he joint MBA/MPA program are prepared for "cross-sector professional work" in both the private and public sectors.  There is significant overlap in private business and public policy, which is captured in this program.

All 3 programs are flexibly designed to fit with your lifestyle and learning styles.  They use a combination of face-to-face classroom study, group and community projects, and distance learning (online) methodology. 16 courses are required over the course of 2-4 years. 

Presidio Graduate School is appropriately located in San Francisco, California, an epicenter of green innovation and sustainable business.  This central location provides students with opportunity to interact with local businesses and governments to gain hands-on experience in the community. 

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