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Monday Morning Quick Hits

Good morning and hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  For our Monday Morning Quick Hits we span the entire country to bring you some of the most important news story dealing with clean technology.  Enjoy!

Green Promise Seen in Switch to LED Lighting: New York Time's Journalists Elisabeth Rosenthal and Felecity Baringer write on the conversion of public lighting to LEDs, light emitting diodes, across the world.  This includes the Buckingham Palace in the United Kingdom which gives this emerging technology the royal seal of approval.

'Clean Tech' Startups Are Pushing Green Button: Dan Frost of the Los Angeles Times reports that even with some funding disappearing in the first two quarters of this financial year, many large and small companies are putting more money into green IT.

State's first 'green' house runs on its own power: On May 23 in Chino Valley, Tony Grahame shared with the public Arizona's, the college's and Habitat for Humanity's first true, certified "zero-net energy" house, a grid-tied residence that generates all the power it uses on-site.

Can't stop coal plants, but clean tech viable, energy CEOs declare: According to the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, a frank discussion is under way at a joint lecture by Morris and Center-Point Energy CEO David McClanahan at the University of Arkansas' Clinton School of Public Service.  During this lecture Mr. McClanahan, points out that coal power plant production will continue but more will utilize cleaner technology.

Clean tech sees less venture capital funds: In a rather contradictory report to the Los Angeles Times, the San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that clean tech has taken a huge hit in venture capital funds.  Read them both and tell me which one you find more accurate.