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Kick the Paper Habit, A Challenge for September

Too much paper?Too much paper?

While clicking through random postings to WordPress' green tag tonight I stumbled upon a brilliant idea by Shawn, a UCF student who has made the pledge to go paperless this semester--or as paperless as his circumstances will allow. As he points out, we have the technology now, so why wait for the world to catch up? I concur.

I'm going to make September as paperless as possible, and I challenge each of you to be keener and greener by doing the same. Sometimes we have no control over the amount of paper being shoved at us (think take-out menus and political flyers on the homefront, meeting agendas at work, receipts and promos in stores, etc), but sometimes we do. Take grocery lists. I, for one, have had a smart phone for years. The Android I'm toting these days has at least a dozen free list making apps. Why am I still writing my shopping list on a pad of paper hanging on the fridge? I never have that list available when I'm actually at the store (maybe I should be a bit more organized, but that's neither here nor there), but I have my phone with me 24-7. Lists on the phone just make sense. 

What are you still doing on paper that you could easily make paperless? Let's spend September changing what we can. Share your ideas in the comments, and encourage your friends and family to take small steps to kick the paper habit!


Going Paperless -- great challenge!

Evites are a great way to go paperless and much less of a fuss than paper invitations!  We also go paperless by using cloth napkins and kitchen towels instead of paper towels and paper napkins.  

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