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Keep Your Home Green

4Green technology for homes is an ever growing industry. You can’t help but turn on HGTV and see some green remodeling of the subjects home, and it’s great. Green technology has a huge impact on the footprint we leave behind, energy used, cost efficiency of your home, and others. The only problem is we can’t all move into new green homes, nor can we afford the massive remodeling that would need to take place. Luckily, there are plenty of tips and tricks that will help your home operate a little more efficiently and save you money.

Insulate Your Home

So this might not be the easiest of tasks, though aspects of it are. Your home has to be insulated to work properly. An easy place you can start is by caulking around windows, and really anywhere that touches the outside. When you do this, you help keep air from escaping your home. This will help keep your home warm or cool, depending on the season. This will keep you from having to crank the heat or AC at all times of the day.
Run a Fan

To go along with keeping your AC from overworking, use ceiling fans to keep your home cool. This will keep your system from having to work too hard as the fan will keep circulating cool air. You’ll feel comfortable in hot weather without having to spend a ton of money on a large electricity bill each month. This can also work in seasonable times if you crack a window to let cool air in, and in turn help the AC unit work less.

Use Your Windows

In the winter time, most homes get cooler, as the opposite is true for the Summer. You can, however, use your home’s windows to your advantage. If you are gone during the day, leave your window blinds that face the sun open. This will allow for sunlight to come into your home, and the exposure can make your home feel more comfortable. Again, this can help you can back on wintertime bills, as you don’t have to run heat around the clock.

Get a Rain Barrel

If you do a lot of yard work and are on city water, look into getting a rain barrel. A rain barrel catches all the precipitation that falls, and stores it in a barrel. The barrel connects to a house so you can water your plants and yard. Anything that you can do to not stress resources will be good for the environment, and keep your house efficient. If you live in a dry area, this might be a nice supplement so you don’t have to use excessive amounts of public water sources.

These are just small, inexpensive fixes to help your home run more efficiently. You don’t need an elaborate make over from a reality television show to make your home greener. All you need is a little initiative and elbow grease to get you started. After you do these things, you’ll be surprised by your utility cost savings, which is a direct representation of the resources you are saving.

Jordan Mendys is a media professional and a blogger for DX3. He also has an interest in green technology, and has recently taken up gardening with his wife in North Carolina.