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Keen for Green Halloween Guide

green halloween

With Halloween around the corner, I just wanted to recap some of our older and newer green Halloween posts.  

First, don't forget that this Saturday is National Costume Swap Day!  It's not too late to find a swap near you.  Don't bother buying a new costume when you can find a cool one at a swap.

Next, check out two of our posts from last year highlighting some tips to green your Halloween.  I made such green Halloween recommendations as making decorations from pumpkins, using reusable trick-or-treat bags, and some Halloween party tips.  Michal gave some more green Halloween party tips as well as some tips about Halloween make-up, treats, and more.  

Lastly,  don't forget to check out the Green Halloween celebrations at your local zoo.  Many zoos are involved, and it's a fun and green alternative.  Plus, most zoos help with conservation efforts, so you can help support those!

Happy Halloween!