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Join a Coffee CSA on National Coffee Day!

Are you keen for caffeine?  If so, we hope you're enjoying National Coffee Day!

And here's a keen idea to celebrate National Coffee Day:  join a coffee CSA!  We all know about produce CSAs and even meat CSAs, but have you ever thought of joining a CSA to get your daily coffee fix? lets you sign up for coffee shares from coffee farmers.   The organization is 100% owned and controlled by the farmers that they feature!  And it gives you the opportunity to get involved with the farms - you can even pay to plant a tree on a small coffee farm.  

The coffee is all organic, fair trade certified, and everything you pay goes directly to the farmer!  And no trips to the grocery store...the coffee will arrive at your home via UPS.

Buy yourself a little National Coffee Day treat or bookmark  I think it would make a great present for the holidays!