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Is it Recyclable? A Quick Guide

are batteries recyclable?Some items are obviously recyclable, like glass or cans.  Other items, like pizza boxes?  Not so obvious.  Here's a quick guide to see if the item is indeed recyclable.  Click on the link for more details.

Books - Usually not, but sometime recycling centers will accept them.  Read more.

Drinking Straws - Sometimes, it's tricky. Read more.

Dryer Lint - No, but you can compost it.

Laminated Paper - No

Laptops - Sometimes. 

Lithium Ion Batteries - Yes

Lottery Tickets - Sometimes.  Read more.

Magazines - Yes

Magic Markers - No

Magnets - No

Metal Hangers - Yes

Milk Cartons - Yes

Milk Jugs - Yes

Mirrors - No

9 Volt Batteries - Yes, through battery-recycling programs.   Read more.

Nylon - Not usually, but there are some programs that may accept nylon.  Read more.

Oil Containers (Used, empty) - No

Overhead Transparencies - Yes, but not through curbside recycling.  Read more.

Packing Peanuts - Yes, but not through curbside recycling.  Read more.

Paper Plates - No

Photographs - No

Pillows - No

Pizza Boxes - No.  No cardboard boxes or bags with grease on them are recyclable.  However, you can rip off the ungreasy part and recycle that, and compost the greasy part of the pizza box!

Plastic Bottle Caps - Yes

Plastic Bags - Yes, but usually not through curbside recycling.  Many grocery stores have kiosks for this.  Read more.

Plastic #1 - Yes

Plastic #2 - Yes

Plastic #3 - Yes, but not always through curbside recycling.  Read more.

Plastic #4 - Yes, these are plastic bags.  (See above)  Read more.

Plastic #5 - Yes

Plastic #6 - Sometimes.  See Styrofoam and read more.

Plastic #7 - Yes

Pots and Pants - Yes

Shoes - Sometimes.  Two programs for recycling athletic shoes are Nike's Reuse-a-Shoe and Recycled Runners.

Staples - Yes

Stickers - No

Styrofoam - Yes, but not through curbside.  Read more.

Tennis Balls - Yes, with certain programs.  Read more.

Tires - Yes, through tire recycling programs.  Read more.

Tissue Paper - Yes

Tin Foil - Yes

Vinyl - No, but not through curbside recycling.  Read more.

VHS Tapes - Sometimes.  You'll need to call your local e-waste facility to find out if they accept them.  Read more.

Yellow Pages - Yes, but read more.

Ziplocs - Yes, through plastic bag recycling.  

Yogurt Containers - Yes, see plastic #5.

 If you you have questions about specific items not listed her, visit They have a search function where you can put in the item you want to recycle (i.e. batteries) and your zip, and it will give you options of where you can recycle it.