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Interview with Sarapage Bauguss of NewLeaf Clean

newleaf clean logoYesterday, I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Sarapage Bauguss, Cofounder, Creator, and President of NewLeaf Clean, LLC.  NewLeaf Clean makes a variety of lab-tested, eco-friendly, effective cleaners -- and they're affordable, too!   Check out what Sarapage has to say...

What made you start NewLeaf Clean?
After becoming a mother, I wanted to use only nontoxic products in my home and around my children. I found safer foods, soaps, cosmetics, plastics, but was unable to find any household cleaners that were 100% safe. So I began making my own.

Were you interested in green products and lifestyle before becoming a parent?
I was always interested in eating healthy and recycling, but I figured that products sold in stores were safe.

Why were you so unsatisfied with the green products on the market today?
I was never able to find any that were as effective as the toxic products on the market. When I began to research the "green" cleaners, I discovered that they weren't much safer either.

 What kinds of "bad" ingredients are common in popular green cleaning products?

That's a tricky question because companies are not required by law to disclose their ingredients (only 1% of ingredients are required to be disclosed). Terms like "fragrance" and "preservative" are often used. Take the word fragrance for example. That term can indicate the presence of up to 4,000 separate ingredients, most of which are synthetic. Many compounds in fragrances are human toxins and suspected or proven carcinogens. Fragrances can cause all sorts of adverse reactions, including headaches, nausea, sinus inflammation, throat swelling and respiratory distress, swelling and pain in joints, blurred vision, dizziness, irritability, memory loss, brain fog, cancer, and more. And that's only from the term fragrance! Other ingredients I researched are linked to cancer, reproductive difficulites (including birth defects and miscarriages), neurological disorders, brain abnormailities, respiratory problems, asthma, and allergies.

How did you start experimenting with making your own cleaners?
I searched for ways to disinfect that were not harmful to our health. I found ingredients like vinegar that were natural disinfectants. In fact vinegar alone kills 99% of bacteria, 82% of mold, and 80% of germs (viruses). Then I found other ways to safely clean surfaces, and lastly nontoxic fragrances.

How did you get involved with getting your products tested at TURI?  (UMass Lowell's Toxics Use Reduction Institute)
We searched for labs that believed in what we were doing and had experience with these types of products.

Are you planning on making NewLeaf Clean available at more stores?
Yes, we are consistently adding more stores to our list of vendors!

Are the containers recyclable?
Yes! Our plastics are all #1 and #2 plastics. These are the easist types of plastic to recycle.

What are some other green practices that you and your family take part in during your daily life?
We recycle everything we can! We pass down all of our old clothes and shoes. We use reusable bags on all of our shopping trips. Even my kids snack bags and sandwich bags are reusbale.

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To learn more about NewLeaf Clean and buy their products, visit their website: