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Homebrewing is Keen & Green!

Like beer?  Like experimenting in the kitchen?  How about giving homebrewing a try?  The reasons why homebrewing versus buying beer at the liquor store is better for the environment are numerous, especially if you make a few extra efforts!

1)   If you use environmentally safe cleaners and sanitizers and practice water conservation, homebrewing is way better for the environment than industrial brewing!

2)   You can reuse the same bottles again and again and again.  My husband is a homebrewer, and he's been using many of the same bottles that he was using 6 years ago.

3)  Energy is saved because the beer doesn't have to be shipped.  It especially saves energy when compared to Coors beer, which is shipped in refrigerated trucks.  (As if shipping Coors cold could make that vile stuff any more drinkable?!)

4)  You have complete control over the ingredients, so you can make sure that the beer is just filled with wholesome things that YOU like!

5)  If you like to garden, you can grow your own ingredients.  We grow our own hops!  It's pretty easy if you've got the space for it, and there's a good resource for anyone who grows their own hops

6)  If you want to be as eco-friendly as can be and brew organic beer, Seven Bridges Cooperative Organic Home Brewing and Home Coffee Roasting sanitizing your homebrew equipment with a mild iodine solution.  (Check them out -- they sell all sorts of organic beer brewing stuff and coffee roasting stuff, too!)

Seven Bridges has a list of beer recipes on their website that you can try out to get you started.    My husband's gotten pretty experimental with his beer over recent years, including making beer with maple syrup and oatmeal and his most recent creation contained peppers!  Right now I'm trying to convince him to make a pumpkin beer with our homegrown pumpkins and hops.  Sounds like a delightful fall treat.


Homebrewing FTW

And if you still want commercial beer, support your local brewery!

Local beer is shipped shorter distances and leaves a smaller carbon footprint.

Absolutely!  And it's usually

Absolutely!  And it's usually better, too!  Laughing

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