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A Greener Summer

No need to have the summertime blues this year -- let's have the summertime greens!  There are plenty of excellent ways to keep your summer KEEN and GREEN!  

  • Green your summer vacation.  There are lots of eco-tourism destinations worldwide or domestic green lodging, like the Irving House in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  No need for a hotel?  Lower your carbon footpring by camping and enjoy nature.  Or forgo a vacation all together: take a staycation and explore your own city!  

  • Leave the car at home.  With warmer temperatures, bike, walk, or push your kids in a stroller.  Get to know your city's public transit without waiting for the bus in bad weather.

  • Dry your clothes outside.  Let the sunshine do its thing and dry your clothes on a clothesline or drying rack.  Save energy and money.

  • Fire up the grill!  Invite friends and family over for an eco-friendly barbecue with reusable cups and plates, clearly labeled composting and recycling bins, and homemade food.

  • Plan weekly trips to your local farmer's market!  Support local farmers, lower your carbon footprint, and have delicious produce.   What could be better?

  • Only use the air conditioner if it's necessary.  If you have window units, only turn on the AC for the room you're in.  If you have central air, turn the thermostat up a few degrees.  It will make a big difference but still keep you comfortable.  

  • Grow a garden.  Even if you think you don't have a green thumb...think again and check out some gardening tips for beginners!  

  • Cool down in a kiddie pool.  (You don't even have to be a kid! :-))  The reason I like this is because afterwards we use the water for our garden, so it's not a waste!  

  • Hydrate with tap water.   Don't buy bottled water -- get yourself a nice reusable bottle if you haven't already, and fill it up with fresh ice water.  Keep cool!  

We'd also love to hear any ways that you might be greening your summer.