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Green Landscaping Solutions For The Bay Area: CK Management Systems

For years now there existed a disconnect between the nature present inpeople's front yards with the synthetic and wasteful gardening used tokeep these areas green. For example, most fertilizers or growthadditives used in suburban, urban and rural settings are synthetic withhigh amounts of salt, nitrogen & phosphate. These toxic growthadditives create an immediate but very short growth in the plantsapplied to, but stunt the roots of the plants. This prevents theseplants from fully absorbing underground saturation and maintaininggrowth once the manufactured effect ends. At the same time, the hugeamount of chemicals used cannot be absorbed by the plants causing thesechemicals to become runoff. This runoff pollutes waterways and bodiesof water. Since these methods are so widely adopted, what can aproperty owner do?



Well, if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area you can give CK Management Systems (CKMS)a call for cutting edge landscaping and gardening techniques at greatprices. This small start-up is focused on the emerging fields of watermanagement, sustainable landscaping, professional maintenance,restoration, and native plant horticulture . By combining this know-howwith cutting edge technology, CKMS can offer a fully organic, greenlandscaping solution while conserving water.

Why it's Keen:


CKMS has a number of keen solutions to property owner's landscaping solutions but the most exciting is the fertigation system. I previously discussed fertigation,but for those of you who missed that piece fertigation is thefertilizing of irrigation through existing irrigation systems. CKMSdoes this by installing a tank onto the main intake pipe feeding intoyour current sprinkler system. This tank is filled with all organicmicro-nutrients that are released in tiny doses throughout the system.This organic solution revitalizes the soill while providing essentialnutrients to the plants. This creates a dramatic increase in root zonesand a fuller, more natural bloom period. At the same time, water usageis cut back due to the ability of the plants to absorb more water. CKMSis also keen in water conservation by providing smart clocks, sprinklertimers with sensors to adjust watering appropriately, and rotarysprinkler heads. CKMS also provides custom solar lighting, greywatering solutions and maintenance.


Why it's Green:


Thereason CKMS is green can be summed up in two words, non-toxic andconservation. By providing all organic fertilization through theircutting edge fertigation system CKMS is able to remove salt, nitrogenand other synthetic from your lawns. This reduces harmful and toxicrunoff which pollutes the water systems of Northern California. Thegarden that exists in most people's front yard is also given new lifeand the soil brought back to a more natural state.

Second,CKMS helps people conserve tremendous amounts of water. By using acombination of fertigation, rotary sprinkler heads and smart clocks,CKMS will reduce water used in irrigation by 60 percent. This is alldone with existing plants and with a much greater bloom period. Quitean extraordinary feat.

Reality Check:


CKMSis a young start-up, but has already been installing such systems forover a year. This gives the company a number of testimonials andreferences any potential customer can check out. An exciting companythat will be a vital part of irrigations future in California.

To contact CK Management Systems visit their website or call 925.943.7323.


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