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Green Father's Day Ideas

This is an update of a previous Green Father's Day Gift Guide.  Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there...and here are some gift ideas for their families!  At the bottom there are some new additions.


Father's Day is just around the corner.  Thinking about what to get for the environment-loving dad in your life?  Here are a few ideas:

  • Give the gift of membership.  If your dad's an animal lover, consider the National Wildlife Federation.  Want to protect the planet?  How about a Sierra Club membership?  If your dad loves spending time outdoors, find your local Audubon Society.  
  • Local beer or wine.  
  • Food.  If your foodie dad lives far away, how about a food basket filled with local goodies?   Yum!
  • Ties.  Hey, it's the old standby, right?  Look for ones made of recycled materials, hemp, or bamboo.  
  • Crafts.  Are your kids looking to get creative this Father's Day?  They can make Dad something crafty using recycled materials!    
  • Green gadgets.  Go go gadget water-powered clock!  
  • Something vintage.  Check out antique shops, thrift shops, and more for neat finds for Dad!
  • For the homesteading dad, considering some gardening or other homesteading type tools. has a great selection.  From winemaking to cheesemaking to backyard chicken coops, they've got lots of fun stuff.  They also sell seeds, pest control, etc.
  • Something to plant.  A tree, shrub, etc make lovely gifts to enjoy over and over again.  I got a rose bush for Mother's Day and I adore it.
  • Ethical Ocean has a really fun Father's Day Gift Guide.   Green Gifts Guide also has a "For Him" section that might help you out!