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Green Camping Tips

green camping

Are you camping this summer?  Here are some tips for keeping your camping trip keen and green:

  • Find someplace relatively close to home to reduce your carbon footprint.  If going with a large group, try to arrange lots of carpools.  GoCampingAmerica is a great resource and can help you find a campground.  

  • Buy used camping gear.  Lots of times you can find high quality gear on craigslist or even for free on Freecycle!

  • Be mindful of firewood regulations.  Many state and national parks ban outside firewood because the wood can bring outside pests and diseases into their parks.  In some parks, you can often find firewood for sale on the premises.  If not, there are usually people selling firewood nearby.  Some parks also forbid you to collect firewood that you find throughout the campground, so look into that before collecting wood.  

  • Leave No Trace, meaning pick up after yourself!   Bring garbage bags with you.  Some campgrounds have dumpsters, but if the campground you're staying at doesn't, prepare to bring your trash home with you.

  • Bring reusable/washable plates, silverware, and cups.    

  • Use biodegradable soap when washing up.

  • Don't venture off paths when hiking.  It can disrupt plants and animals living there.

  • Dump old dishwater in designated areas.  

  • Buy green camping gear, such as solar-powered and human-powered (crank) items.  Green Your has a variety of products, including a hand crank flashlight from LL Bean!

  • When it comes to grocery shopping, take advantage of the fact that there is all sorts of local produce available during camping season!  Stock up on local berries, peaches, or whatever else is in season.  If you have a garden, fill your cooler with whatever you can pick before you leave.  

  • Enjoy your campfire, but do it safely!  Make sure you put the fire out at least 45 minutes before you leave the site or go to sleep.