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Green Baby Food: Making Your Own Baby Food

If you have a baby, one of the easiest ways to go green is to make your own baby food.

By making your own baby food, you can be sure that the food your baby eats is preservative free, fresh, and high quality.  If you happen to have a garden, you can grow things that can easily be turned into baby food (peas, squash, and carrots to name a few).  This way you know EXACTLY where the baby's food is coming from and it really costs you next to nothing.   Otherwise, buy local and organic food to turn into baby food.  You won't be creating more waste from baby food jars and there's a smaller carbon footprint because of the jars of baby food being shipped.

It's really easy, too.  For most recipes, all you have to do is steam and puree.   You can make it in advance, freeze the food in little cubes, and defrost or thaw as needed!   You can even use ice cube trays to store the food.   For some foods, like bananas and avocados, all you have to do is mash it up and then the baby can chow down! has tons of recipes for baby food with lots of tips about making your own baby food and introducing your baby to solids in general.