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Green Baby

I just had a baby in November (that's my son Isaac in the picture!), and with bringing a new baby into this world, I've been working even harder to remain "green."  I've compiled some go green tips to help those with new babies or those expecting new babies.

1)  Cloth Diaper, at least part of the time.  Even if you use one cloth diaper a day instead of a disposable, that's 365 less disposable diapers that end up in the landfill.  If you do use disposables, forgo contraptions like the Diaper Genie which wrap your diaper in plastic (which will never decompose!) and just create more waste.  
2)  Buy used and graciously accept hand-me-downs!  I got so many great items from craigslist, like a Pack & Play and a swing.  I also got a bassinet from  Children's Orchard, a store that sells used baby and kids items.  These are great money-savers, too, because a lot of these items are only used for a short period of time.  The swing I got retails at $150 and I got it for $40!  DON'T buy used car seats though, unless it's from someone you know and trust.  A used car seat might have been in an accident and it can compromise the safety of the seat.
3)  When purchasing new items, buy items that can last a long time.  (i.e., a crib that converts into a toddler bed, a stroller that can accommodate infants and toddlers, a convertible car seat as opposed to an infant seat)
5)  When shopping, make sure to buy baby items that are BPA and PVC-free.  Items like bottles and pacifiers traditionally had BPA, but now there are plenty of BPA-free options.
6)  Make your own baby food!   Easy, cheap, and better for your baby.
7)  Make your own detergent to wash the baby's clothes.  Products like Dreft are detergents marketed towards those with babies, but they are scented.  You're better off making your own detergent using ingredients like baking soda and vinegar.  
8)  Either make your own baby shampoo, or buy ones free of fragrance and dyes.