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Google Advancing Green Technology... By Using Goats?

Google Goats, Google Goat Mowers

Yesterday, I posted about the initiative of Google to become carbon neutral.  I just didn't know how far they were going.  Someone e-mailed me regarding the article from CNET and stated I missed the best part, which I will admit.  I was reading the article for the facts and glance over this strange effort to reduce emissions, using goats to mow the lawn on the Google's Mountain View campus.

Essentially, Google states that they pay a local sheep herder (which you can easily find in the Silicon Valley?) to move his sheep onto the open space surrounding the campus.  The 200 goats then ear and fertilize the area for about a week.  According, to Google this is just as cheap as mowing and a lot lower on emissions.

Read more about this fourth century solution to a twenty-first century problem at Google's company blog. And this really gets me thinking that maybe I should let my dog eat the lawn more.

Google Goats, Google Goat Mowers at Rest



Go google, go!

Yay, Google!  Whatever you can do!  I wonder how many goats it takes... ;-)

Sean Fitzpatrick is a burgeoning green entrepreneur and journalist with a juris doctor from Santa Clara University, School of Law. Currently, he is business development and community manger of


If we had a bigger yard, I would love to have a goat take care of the grass!  I talk about this all the time!  But I'm sure it's against our city's ordinance even if we did have the space.  But I love goats and would rather have that then have to mow the lawn!  We are lucky, though, because our yard is small enough that we can use a push mower and a rake.

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