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Go Green -- Go REUSABLE!

lunch boxIt's time to make the switch from disposable items to reusable.  And at the very least, lessen your use of disposables.  Here are some household items that you can buy to help reduce your use of wasteful disposable items.

Where to start?

  1. Switch to cloth napkins.  
  2. Forget paper towels -- usereusable dish towels instead!
  3. Use reusable coffee filters.  (And don't forget to compost those coffee grounds!)
  4. Stop using tea bags and use tea infusers or strainers with loose leaf tea.  Loose leaf tea tastes better, too!  You can also compost the tea leaves.
  5. Ditch the plastic sandwich bags!  There are reusable sandwich bags or use reusable sandwich containers.
  6. Just say no to juice boxes for your kids!  Whatever happened to a good ol' Thermos?  That's what we always used growing up -- and never did we brown bag our lunch; it was always a trusty lunch box.  
  7. Cloth diaper, just like our grandmothers before us did.  
  8. Achoo!  The idea of sneezing into a handkerchief and then washing it kind of skeeved me out, but if we're using and washing cloth diapers, a dirty handkerchief is certainly less gross than that, right?
  9. When it's time to wrap a present, avoid wrapping paper or disposable gift bags.  I find that canvas tote bags are perfect because then the recipient of the gift can reuse it again and again!
  10. Switch from dryer sheets to dryer balls.  I like Nellie's.  
  11. Ladies:  stop using tampons and pads and try reusable pads or a Moon Cup.  

The more reusable items you buy, the more money you will save long term.  It helps the environment AND your pocket book!


What really irritates me is

What really irritates me is the commercials promoting disposable kitchen towels. I think it's Kleenex??? I can't believe their marketing department okayed that idea, since companies are big on at least APPEARING to be green these days. 

I haven't even seen those!

I haven't even seen those!  That's ridiculous.  And you know people will buy them anyway!

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