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Go Fish: Eating Sustainable Seafood

Go Green: Eating Sustainable SeafoodSeafood can be good for you and so very tasty, but due to a variety of different causes, some seafood is (sadly) bad for the environment.  From overfishing to habitat damage, there are certain types of seafood that you should avoid eating.

The Environmental Defense Fund has some great information about what kinds of seafood to avoid and which to indulge in.

Seafood to enjoy whenever you want:

- Char, Arctic (farmed)
-  Crab, Dungeness
-  Mussels
-  Oysters (farmed)
-  Sablefish (Alaska, Canada)
** But don't worry, there's MORE!  (link includes recipes!)

Seafood that's "eco-OK":

- Clams (wild)
- Cod, Pacific (trawl)
- Crab, snow/tanner
-  Flounder/sole (Pacific)
- Lobster, American/Maine
** More (includes alternatives to these types of seafood)

Seafood to avoid:

- Chilean sea bass
- Grouper
- Orange roughy
- Rockfish (trawl)
- Salmon, farmed/Atlantic
** More seafood to steer clear of, with alternatives.

Curious about which kinds of sushi is better for the environment?  The Environmental Defense Fund has ya covered!

If you want to stay up to date on sustainable fish, follow the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch on Twitter!

Bon appetit!