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Giveaway: A Free Kids Konserve Lunch Sack & Coupons!

Win a free reusable lunch sack from Kids Konserve filled with coupons from Annie's Homegrown,  Stonyfield YoKids, and Seventh Generation.

Keen For Green is giving away 5 of these coupon-filled lunch sacks!  

How to win one:

1)  "LIKE" Keen For Green on Facebook.*

2)  Leave a comment here on THIS post let let us know you're a fan of Keen For Green on Facebook.  Also, let us know what are some of your favorite things to pack for lunch!  (For either you or your kids!)  Be sure to either comment with your Facebook account or leave your email address!

*If you're not on Facebook, just comment on this post to tell us what your favorite things are to pack for lunch.

Want a second entry?  Either tweet about the giveaway or post about it on Facebook, tagging Keen For Green.  

This giveaway will run until August 17, 2011.  

We will draw five winners at random and contact the winners either via email or Facebook!  Giveaway only open to U.S. and Canada.  

Don't forget, you can also get a free Kids Konserve lunch sack through the Back to School promo from Annie's, Stonyfield, Honest Kids, and Seventh Generation!  

These lunch sacks are great quality and a $12 value.  Help your kids work their way to a waste-free, healthy lunch with a reusable lunch sack and nutritious snacks from Annie's and Stonyfield.  


I'm a facebook fan (Jb

I'm a facebook fan (Jb Hartling) and I usually pack sandwiches because the kids like them, they are quick to make and they travel well.


[email protected]

Back to school

My oldest daughter came home once from school and said "Did you know, I was the only one with OUT a sandwich in their lunch! I had the tortilla roll thingy (some sort of tuna/veggie combo) and it was awesome!"

My daughter is hypoglycemic, so having healthy snacks available are really important to her getting through her day!

And as always, showing them how to live "green" and ecologically sound is a lesson in itself that they may not get at school!

Hope to win. Getting ready

Hope to win. Getting ready for school is pretty pricey!

I pack my kids fruit

I pack my kids fruit's the only thing that doesn't end up coming home at the end of the day!   Heather [email protected]

Fan on FB

Sorry - in my last post I should have left my email add: jnitzky


Sprout's Green Family

FB Fan

Hello - I'm a fan of Keen on Green on facebook (Jennifer C Ni***y)

For lunches our favorite thing to pack is homemade baked goods like muffins - we make great veggie muffins which are a great mix of healthy and treat!

Sprout's Green Family

yay Keen for GREEN!!

I work at a new charter school that is a GREEN charter school!!  I noticed one of my colleagues on here too!  :)  I pack my lunch with reuseable containers with salad (tuna), and fruit and my daughter's lunch with fruit, almond butter and jelly sandwich and water.. or organic juice boxes.   All organic... yes!!   [email protected]

Just became a fan!

Great information and eager to learn more!

pack everyday!

i pack my son's lunch everyday! we freeze his yogurt as a snack that thaws by lunchtime. [email protected]

Giveaway :)

Fan of Keen for Green and I love packing....a healthy lunch that is :) Love hummus with cucumber and carrots and pita chips. Yummy yummy!!!

[email protected]

Fan on FB - love to pack

Fan on FB - love to pack organic string cheese & yogurt, + fruits and veggies.  [email protected]

Fan on FB - love to pack

Fan on FB - love to pack fruit, raw veggies, and organic string  cheese & yogurt.

Fan on  FB.   We love packing

Fan on  FB.   We love packing anything from our garden for lunch.


betsy_349 at hotmail dot com

Keen for Green giveaway

I liked the keen for green on FB. Also, due to my son having food allergies, He gets to take his lunch to school. He mostly likes cheese and tortillas, a juice box, some applesauce.


Liked on FB!! I like to pack healthy snacks like apples and strawberries or carrots and celery.

Giveaway :)

I like Keen for Green on Facebook. Thank you for offering this giveaway! My favorite things for lunch are dishes that are hot (I like having a hot meal for lunch, especially when I'm at work -- there's just something heartier and more filling about it). So, I usually bring a frozen Trader Joe's entree or one from Whole Foods. I have that along with a salad or side of cooked veggies. And sometimes an iced coffee.  :)

--Elizabeth (a.k.a. Bea)

Of course I "liked" Keen For Green on Facebook

Some items that I prefer to pack for my family members lunch include:  Organic fruit, veggies & dip, homemade hummus & pita, organic juice, organic yogurt (a must for the little one), veggie sandwiches on homemade sourdough bread, and a couple vitamins for the hubby.  Gotta keep the bread-winner healthy!  Oh, and always a reuseable bottle filled with water!


my girls love Annie's, Stonyfield, and honest tea

We love to be keen and green. We also love, love Annies and Stonyfield. The girls love the bunny shapes.

I like FKG on FB Some fave

I like FKG on FB

Some fave lunch things are...home made soup, leftovers, veggies and dip, fruit.

I shared this giveaway on FB.

 :) Meggin D

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