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FAQ: Green/Sustainable MBA

Q: What is a Green MBA?

A: A traditional Masters in Business Administration (MBA) usually includes extensive study in areas such as accounting, economics, management, marketing, international business and entrepreneurship. A "Green" or "Sustainable" MBA adds in the "Triple Bottom Line" philosophy: an examination of the economic, environmental, and social impact of business decisions.  (Or, more simply stated, the impact on people, planet, and profit)

Q: How will a Green MBA make me more competative in the job market?

A: Most economists agree that green technology is the future of the US economy.  The traditional business model has, in many ways, failed.  Corporations have put profits above all else at the cost of the national economy and individual standards of living. This unsustainable business model has opened the door for a new wave of business, led by a new wave of entrepreneurs.  An MBA in Sustainable Management will make you a top candidate in our new economy.

Q: What are the differences between a Green MBA or an MBA in Sustainable Management?

A: MBA's which incorporate the business/social/environmental relationship come in many names: Green MBA, Sustainable MBA, MBA in Sustainable Management, MBA in Green Development, and others.  The focus on the Triple Bottom Line defines the program.

Q: What schools offer Green/Sustainable MBA programs?

A: Many top universities are now offering Green MBA programs, including Stanford University, York University, Presidio Graduate School, the University of Michigan, Portland State Univeristy, the University Colorado and many more.

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