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Endangered Species Wednesday: Leicester Longwool

Last week's Endangered Species Wednesday was the Amur Leopard.   Today, we're talking about the Leicester Longwool, an old rare breed of sheep that was thought to no longer exist in the U.S. until brought back to Colonial Williamsburg.  

Did you know?

The Leicester Longwool was bred in the 1700s by Robert Blackwell, one of the pioneers of modern livestock breeding.  It even influenced the work of Charles Darwin!  

How many of Leicester Longwools are left?

About 250 in the U.S.  I don't have a number for the global population, however, to be considered critical (which the Leicester Longwool is) a breed must have fewer than 2,000 globally.   

Why are Leicester Longwools endangered?

Mostly due to cross-breeding.  

How can I help?

Visit Colonial Williamsburg, as they are leading the efforts in the country to make the Leicester Longwool thrive!